What is Workplace Mediation?

Workplace Mediation is a confidential and informal way to resolve disagreements ordisputes between people who work together.The process is assisted by a trained mediator who acts as a facilitator. The process works by encouraging the parties to speak to each other and reach a mutually acceptable agreement that will sort out their problems. It gives the parties a chance to talk about the situation, express their concerns to each other and come up with some practical ideas about how things could change for the better. The dispute could be between two or more people.


What types of disputes can be resolved through Workplace Mediation?

Mediation can be an effective method of resolving all types of workplace disputes.
These could include:
• Communication issues
• Personality clashes
• Unresolved or ongoing grievance issues
• Perceived discrimination, harassment or bullying
• Differences of working style or approach
• Inappropriate use of power, status or position


How does mediation fit into formal policies and procedures?

Mediation can be an alternative to formal procedures or it may form part of an agreed action following formal procedures. For example, it can be particularly effective if instigated prior to a formal grievance being raised.   It must be noted that agreements reached through mediation are not legally binding (although it is hoped that the parties will treat the agreement as ‘morally binding’) and any information shared by the parties is not used in any subsequent formal procedures due to the confidential nature of mediation. Notes made by the mediator are not kept or used beyond the mediation process.   If mediation does not resolve the issues, staff can still choose to follow the formal procedures. If mediation takes place during any formal procedure, the procedure will usually be put ‘on hold’ pending the outcome of mediation.


How can ALG Mediation Help ?

Lee Broders of ALG Mediation is a Trained Workplace Mediator who offers mediation to companies and businesses who are  experiencing grievances between employees.   Lee will facilitate communications between the participants whether the dispute is between a number of individuals or groups of people with a view to resolve the issues that have been raised.

If you would like more information please contact ALG Mediation on the number above.