Civil and Commercial Mediation

Fixed Fee Scheme – Mediator to be appointed by ALG Mediation

This scheme is intended to offer parties involved in modest claims access to mediation at low fixed fees in the same way that the now defunct National Mediation Helpline did. Under this scheme the parties are required to provide us with a date for the mediation appointment and suitable venue agreed by all parties at which stage we will appoint a trained and accredited Mediator from our Panel and write to the parties confirming the details. Based on the amount in dispute in the case the following fees are payable per party (see below where there are more than two parties) and include short preparation and up to the specified number of hours in mediation:

Amount in dispute – claim and counterclaim (if any)
Mediation duration
Mediation fee per party exc VAT
Additional time per party per hour exc VAT
£0 – £5,000
2 hours
£5,000 – £15,000
3 hours
£15,000 – £50,000
4 hours
£50,000 – Upwards
1% Claim
Min £500

The fees above fees are inclusive of the case management charge and are based on:

  • there being two parties participating in the mediation.   If there are more than two parties, the combined fee for two parties will be uplifted by 20% if three parties and by 25% if four parties. The uplifted combined fee will be invoiced in equal shares to each of the participating parties
  • the amount in dispute is calculated as the amount claimed + the amount of any counterclaim combined. If in the course of the mediation process it appears that the amount in dispute is greater than the amount notified to ALG Mediation, we reserve the right to invoice the parties for any additional mediation fees which would have been payable in respect of such higher amount in dispute
  • where there is no means of quantifying the amount in dispute ALG Mediation will attempt to assess this in consultation with the parties
  • the above fees include reasonable preparation time. If, due to the nature of the dispute or where parties provide an excessive amount of documentation, it is considered that preparation is likely to be excessive, ALG Mediaton will inform the parties in advance that additional time will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate
  • if the mediation appointment exceeds the allotted time additional time will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate
  • where the appropriate mediation fee is based on an 8 hour mediation appointment but the parties agree to confine this to 4 hours, the fee will be based on two thirds of the appropriate mediation fee
  • in appropriate cases mediator’s travel and related expenses will be charged in addition – these will be notified to the parties in advance
  • VAT at the standard rate then in force will be charged on all fees