Divorcing or Separating

Family Mediation allows you to stay in control of the arrangements made about children,money and property.

What is it ?

Family mediation helps if your relationship has broken down and you need to sort out practical issues such as:
• Arrangements for children – where theyare going to live and when you’ll see them
• Child maintenance payments
• Sharing finances (e.g. house, savings, pension)
• Dealing with any debts.

How does it help ?

Family Mediation is there to help you to reach decisions about things that are important for you and your family. They can help you to find a way to plan for the future and to agree what will work best for you without having to go to court, which  can save you time, money and stress.

Mediation provides you with the space and time to think about what is most important for your children and for the whole family. You can work out how arrangements for your children will work best and think about what is going to be important for your children as they grow up.

Regardless of whether you are a parent or not, mediation can help you deal with your money, the options you may have about where you will live, and planning your future finances.

How can ALG Mediation Help ?

Lee Broders of ALG Mediation is a Trained Family Mediator, who offers mediation to couples who are considering or going through divorce or separation and has helped couples to resolve issues involving children and finance, allowing the couple to move forward individually whilst co-parenting.

If you would like more information please contact ALG Mediation on the number above.